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HOME Products Stationery items 3D Curved Scissors


  • Avery compatibility code
  • size 135mm
  • 규격 135mm
  • 원단특성
  • 사용용도
  • Office, Stationery, Multi-use Scissors
  • 포장단위
  • 프린터

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Product Features

Teflon coating & 3D curved blade

Teflon coated blades resist adhesive from tapes and glues
3D Curved blade makes the easy cutting with less effort

Strong rivet

Strong rivet is applied to prevent blades from tipping or wobbling


Softgrip handle reduces hand fatigue and prevent slip.

Product use
PR Movie
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- Don't use to human and animal

- Store out of reach of children
- Keep in a dried place in order to avoid rust and corrosion
- Only use for cutting
- Please be careful when use
- Please be careful when cut hard things because the blade can be broken
- Keep clean after use

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