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subject Please follow steps below to upgrade the template file in MS WORD program.
name date 2015/02/09 hit 701
file PGLBL065.XML PGLBL065.XML (221.15 Kbyte) download: 1011 PGMN065.XML PGMN065.XML (20.81 Kbyte) download: 892

1. Please shut down MS WORD program.

2. Download the attached files - 'PGLBL065.XML' and 'PGMN065.XML' to the wallpaper in your computer.

3. Please copy the downloaded files and then, paste them to the “PAGESIZE” folder following the below installation paths. The existing files will be overwritten.

4. Installation paths

   OFFICE 2007, 2010

      (OS 32bit) C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice14PAGESIZE

      (OS 64bit) C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft OfficeOffice14PAGESIZE

   OFFICE 2013

      (OS 32bit) C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice15PAGESIZE

      (OS 64bit) C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft OfficeOffice15PAGESIZE

If you cannot find above the paths, please search “PAGESIZE” folder in your computer.

5. Restart MS WORD program and check the installation

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