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Printec is doing its best to produce products that enable clients to work smart.
Also through the development of the environment-friendly products, Printec is trying to be a company that contributes to the society.

Proposal for the smart lifestyle

Printec is providing digital printing media products pursuing smarter office system with efficiency, convenience and economic feasibility.We, Printec do the best in providing users with utmost customer service based on continuous efforts on improving quality of products.


  • Office division
    • Labels with various sizes and materials
    • Sticky notes with various colors and sizes
    • Photo Paper suitable for photo printing
    • Fun products (transfer papers and canvas papers) suitable for DIY at hom

The company that considers human and environment

Printec contributes much to a happy society in which human and the environment live in harmony

Company which shares by contributing to public welfare

Printec has been participating a domestic charitable work with an international relief organization since 2007 to make a clean, fair and compassionate society without starvation. Printec will continue to devote every effort to be a socially responsible company and play an integral role in creating a more beautiful world for all of mankind.

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