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"The company that values human and the environment "

FSC® mark certification

Printec acquired the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®). FSC certification is an international environmental certification that encourages forest management considering environment that contributes to environment, contributes to society and maintains economic sustainability. We have demonstrated that the process of using and selling FSC certified pulp products manufactured and sold by our company is FSC compliant.


Korea Eco-label certification

In 2008, Printec got Eco-label certification from KEITI (Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute) by easy recyclable and high reducible of waste in process of production and consumption compared with similar products.

The eco-label is a national environmental certification which approves to lessen environmental pollution or save resources in course of purchasing, using and discarding raw materials such as adhesive chemical and adhesive paper.


14001 certification

Printec realized the importance of effective environmental management systems to control environmental impact. We accordingly obtained the environmental management system (ISO 14001) following the fast-growing demands of eco-friendly products and the improvement of environmental performance. Printec devoted endless efforts for the environmental improvement by applying the environmental management system in production process.


FDA and BGVV cerficiation

Printec's label products guarantee safety by using water-based adhesives which is harmless to human and the water-based adhesive was certified by BGVV-Germany as well as FDA-USA.

Printec labels won the reputation of the best safety products by those two certifications.